Peace of Mind

Knowing what our customers need before they know. We take time to dive in and get to know their business and make sure we are delivering everything that we can to make them more productive to save time and money. Our clients hire us to increase productivity and run their critical data systems. It’s our duty to make sure we are doing everything we can to decrease cost and increase productivity. So the next time you’re asking, “do we need another employee or can we get some efficiency out of our current employees? ” call The Computer Shrinks!

Save you money

Though productivity and efficiencies we will save you money! With our monitoring system we’re preventing issues before they happen. Performing the maintenance that every I.T. guy knows they should be performing but does not have the time. This saves you money in employee time, efficiency and lost productivity. If the systems are properly maintained and guarded against the evils of the world, they operate faster and more efficiently allowing your employees to get more done.


With The Computer Shrinks at the helm of your I.T. systems it’s like having your own I.T. Staff except we do not take vacations or have personal problems. We are just here on the job working to keep your employee’s productive and working. You do not have to deal with the I.T. problems because you have less problems and our helpdesk will handle the rest. Gain back all that time wasted doing things you hate doing!


With The Computer Shrinks as your partner you can focus on your business and not your Information Technology. Allowing you to grow your business and bottom line. With TCS you’re getting a true partner that cares about your success as your success is our success.