When you need managed services in Northern Massachusetts and/or Southern New Hampshire to maintain peak operation in the IT network of your business, consider us here at The Computer Shrinks. We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee so you can focus your efforts on spurring your revenues to grow. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve with your business today with The Computer Shrinks’ managed services.


  • Ramped up productivity – The goal for implementing RMM is to improve your productivity. You don’t want to lose productivity in your business. Your business only grows if you are growing it and that can’t be done if you aren’t producing. RMM will monitor and maintain your technology so you can provide your products and services to a growing number of customers. Never stress again about network failures, as our managed services include round-the-clock monitoring of your computers and network to help prevent problems before they happen.
  • Tailored Packages – We know that every business’s needs are completely different from the next, so we offer 100% custom packages for any business size or budget.
  • Reduced TCO –Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can add up in IT. Hardware, software, staff, and maintenance all take a lot of capital and investment. There are many costs that arise from running your IT systems. With an RMM you can reduce the costs by having a professional staff working on your systems at a predictable monthly rate. The Computer Shrinks do not charge you more when your network is down or a server fails. Our flat- rate fee covers all of that whenever you need it done, which simplifies budgeting.
  • We are always available – part of what makes our managed services so exceptional is that we are always available, regardless of time or holiday. . RMM services typically watch your servers 24/7 and are able to address any issue that causes downtime.
  • Maintenance – RMM will handle all your regular maintenance. It is important to keep your systems well maintained because it keeps up with updates, security, and system health. When your system is healthy, your business is healthy. You have access to your data that you can rely on. RMM watches your technology and makes sure that you can access your data and do the work you need to do.
  • Minimize Downtime – Downtime is a huge threat to businesses. It leads to a huge loss of money and your customers lose trust in the services you provide. When your systems go down, your employees lose access to all of their data including emails and software they use to perform their jobs. RMM services typically watch your servers 24/7 and are able to address any issue that causes downtime
  • Security –Security should be a top priority for businesses. Dealing with sensitive business and client information means that you have to make sure that data is not lost or stolen. Security issues can damage your reputation, not to mention the legal requirements of HIPAA or other government mandated security measures and you could lose customers because of it.

You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands. Contact us today for more information. 978-699-0086